Our approach to strategy

Strategy is setting a plan to reach a desired future state.

This can range from setting up a new venture, scaling an existing business or engaging in M&A. We support founders and management teams in the strategic process through proving an external perspective to help them understand the present state of the business and define the desired future outcomes.

Once this is done, we help identify pathways to get there, the tactical plans required and knowing which KPI’s and metrics will ensure execution.

Here are the steps we follow to maximise our strategy approach.


Understand present state of the business

The firsts step is to use internal and external data to understand exactly where the business is today. This involves looking at the market dynamics, competitor strategies as well as the companies performance to date and what has and hasn’t worked.


Define future outcomes

Having made a full analysis of the business, the next step is to paint a picture of what the future could look like, keeping in mind the likely competitive landscape. We focus on outcomes, grounded in metrics, so that its very clear what the objective and goals are.


Identify pathways to get there

Once the desired outcome is clear, our next step is to review all the potential pathways or options to get there, especially the less obvious solutions. This is done through a creative workshop and no more than five pathways are selected to work up plans around.


Create the plan, assigning roles

We help each business develop specific plans, paying particular attention to the tactics we will use and why we believe they will be successful. We also identify who in the team needs to be empowered to execute each part of the plan and what resources are required.


Build a scorecard of leading and lagging indicators

Strategy without execution is useless. Our final step is to identify the key performance indicators which will let us know that we are on track, paying particular attention to the metrics which are predictive (leading indicators) of our future outcome (lagging indicators).

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