Our approach to commercial excellence

We help beverage companies with defining and implementing the right commercial model for their brand and category. We show how to define a picture of success and execute against it, as well as covering all elements of the marketing mix to maximise your competitive advantage.


Our first steps is to define the target consumer and what is unique about your brand which makes it attractive to them? What are some of your unique selling points which sets you apart from the competition.


The next step is to understand where your target consumers are likely to drink and shop. This will drive your distribution strategy – you don’t need to be everywhere, just in the main places your consumer will want to see you.


We then review your distribution profile, as well as your competitors, to decide what is the price point you need to be positioned at. We then help prepare a value chain to ensure everyone is motivated from the importer, distributor retailer and consumer.


Having achieved distribution, our next step is to let your target consumer know you exist. What is the communication strategy to reach them and build awareness across in-store communication, social media, point of sale and sponsorships?

Promotional activity

We then help develop a marketing plan, which covers the promotional tactics which should be employed in order to drive trial and repeat purchase of your brand. What activities works best and what does the return on investment look like is in order to grow consumer loyalty.


Finally what is the brand experience like for your consumer and how is this better than what your competitors offer? This covers everything from packaging, product quality and how the drink is served. Providing a great product experience is at the heart of all great brands and successful commercial excellence programmes.

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